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Why we do what we do?

Everyone needs an outlet, something they can do to be uplifted and feel better about themselves after just a few short weeks of Squad Fitness workouts we notice our clients  are standing up straighter,  have a more positive persona and feel more confident.

Why we started Squad Fitness?
We noticed that most people don’t stick with the gym routine, here are the top reasons people fail in the gym

too boring – how do people spend hours of their life on a treadmill? smh. just between you and me there is a study that shows slow-monotonous cardio is not the answer to fat loss. That good news for you, no more treadmills

don’t know what to do- its a lot easier to walk in from your busy schedule and be coached on what to do for 45 min, Instead of fumbling around on the Internet to find something that might work

Lack accountability – life is going to get in the way every so often, everyone needs a little guidance to get back on track,  problem is…. when you slip up most programs will only contact you if your payment doesn’t go through.

So when you come to Squad Fitness its a different experience, you will always be doing something different and challenging your body, you are instructed by professionals with a PhD in Results and if you start slacking you are going to hear from us.

For over 10 years we have been helping people transform their bodies, get up the stairs without breathing heavy and feel better about themselves

Our Programs!

What is SIT? Squad Strength and cardio confusion?


I’ve seen enough I’m ready to get started