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Heather Irvin

 Have been doing the program for 3 weeks now and really can see a change in my body already !! I usually am the one who try’s to stay away from this kind of atmosphere it just scared me . my first day I felt very comfortable and welcomed by the other people and by the trainer .i absolutely love the challenge and look forward to accomplishing my goals !!

Raven S. Blackmon

Amazing workouts that target every part of the body!!!

Darrell Webb

By far the best program I’ve been in! I can see results physically and mentally!

Angel Denton Mizzel

Beginning week three for me and yes I’ve struggled, but I’ve noticed how much stronger I’ve gotten. Instructors are wonderful and know how to motivate you!

Kenleigh Dean Tidwell

2 weeks in and I’m hooked! I really like this kind of working out much better than a regular gym! I love the variety of exercises and the challenge you get from them. The trainers really want to help you meet your goals and they make sure you’re doing everything correctly. I’m already seeing some results in just a short amount of time! The first week is difficult but anything worth doing is, right? Push through the first week and you’ve got this!

Jennifer Scardino Majewski

LOVE it! It is an amazing workout, kicks my butt everytime!

Holly Hunter

I love it! Best workout ever! Combines cardio with weight bearing exercises. You never stop moving. Constantly changing. Never get bored. I’m always sore. Builds strength, endurance.

Kelley Shaw Smith

This is a great program and I love how it’s always something different it never gets boring.

Brad Davis — 5 starAwesome classes, adding them to my 6 days/weeks of lifting cutting fat will be a lot easier.

Awesome classes, adding them to my 6 days/weeks of lifting cutting fat will be a lot easier.

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